Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is not manipulated…!

Well, sometimes you surprisingly get what you never planned for…!. This picture, shot in a traditional South Indian wedding in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is very peculiar and it shows the oneness of the couple in a unique form!

While trying something with a long focal length lens and to get a very shallow depth of field, during the ‘Oonjal ceremony, the face of the groom except one of his eyes was almost hidden behind the face of the bride and looked as though it is a single face, with a strange appearance..! The level of the camera was carefully aligned to get the shape of the face as one, made this picture look different..!

As I always tell my students and fellow photographers in the photography workshops, “Professional Photography is never boring; if you try to find something unique and different in all photography situations”.

- KL.Raja


Anonymous said...

Ah. I chanced upon your blog. I had always thought it was tedious working at weddings, with all the boisterous crowd et all. And for an amateur photographer, this looks like an inspiring read.

Anonymous said...

Hi i am a big fan of ur photos...they are unique and have hgh standards to them and i am deft contacting you for my wedding this year..thanks

KL.Raja Ponsing said...


CVR said...

Great to see your blog

Absolutely loved the unique angles and perspectives in your pictures...


KL.Raja said...

Thank you..CVR

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