Sunday, January 20, 2008

The unusual reflections !!

Capturing reflections in wedding photography is not something new. In fact every other photographer will certainly capture the reflection of the bride when she gets ready in front of the mirror. But this is an unusual picture of the couple whose reflections are captured in the mirrored ceiling of a posh hotel. Well this is a concluding picture of the couple when I was shooting their portraiture using the wall pictures of the interiors.

In the process of adjusting the lights, I raised the level of a light and I could see the couple’s reflections in the huge mirror fixed on the ceiling of interior. It was very different point of view as I see them upside down. I decided to do few shots of the reflections of the couple (You can probably see the side column of the wall showing the top of the interior). I had specifically instructed the couple not to look in to my camera in the reflection but to see away from it just to generate candidness in the shot. The couple was responding to the smile of my assistant through the mirror and that is how I got the spontaneity and candid expression in their faces.

It is a good idea to look around your subject from various points of view
to get some thing different and unique. Undoubtedly the young couple was amazed to see them upside down.

- KL.Raja

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